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The guest suite in the White House on Glendale is conveniently located in Alexandria, Virginia, near the Del Ray neighborhood and convenient to 2 Metro stops.

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  • Rates + Guest Capacity
    The basic price for the entire six-room suite during non-peak periods is $250.00 per night for up to a four-night stay. For stays longer than four (4) nights, the rates are negotiable. A maximum of four (4) adult guests or a family with two (2) adults and up to three (3) children are permitted in the suite per night. A onetime charge of $100.00 will be is assessed for cleaning and laundry services at the the end of each stay. If a stay is more than seven (7) days, a charge of $100 will be applied to clean the suite, change the linens and towels after each seven (7) day period, and once again after departure. We love pets, however due to potential guest allergies, we do not permit them in the suite.
  • Registration + Payment Methods
    Credit cards are currently not accepted. Advance-deposit checks and cash transfers via Venmo are accepted. [Please note that prior to your stay, personal checks and/or Venmo transfers must be received and processed along with the registration paperwork. Therefore, timely processing of checks prior to arrival is mandatory.] A registration form will be emailed to you after a phone or an e-mail confirmation of the guest suite's availability for the requested dates. In order to protect your privacy, all required personal information should be sent via USPS.
  • Cleaning and COVID-19 Precautions
    All of the rooms and guest areas of The White House on Glendale are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each occupancy. CDC-recommended masks, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves for protection against COVID-19 are provided at no additional cost during your stay.
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